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CE-Certification required since 1.1.1996

CE-Security Approvals
Since January 1, 1996 the European construction-pattern test procedure is according to the EC gas-device guidline and CE marking depends on the conformity approval. 

In Principle
Since January 1,1996, CE approved gas devices can only be sold. Who is not aibiding, incures a penalty. In addition considerable liability - expenses occures. 

HEIDEBRENNER has invested for CE certification of all series-devices a high six-figure amount to the advantage of our customers and users. Expenses originate for:

  • internal preparations (attempts, measurements, technical-drawings, business-instructions etc.),
  • external inspections at recognised institutes,
  • registration costs (once-only and running costs),
  • annual inspections of the running production 

Marking of the Products
Each sold gas device has to be marked "CE" with the code number of the recognised certification board, which is engaged with the monitoring of the products. 


Number 0085 is for example the
identification number of the
DVGW certification board in Bonn.

Because CE marking does not include a clear registration- number for the individual product. Trusty manufacturers label  a CE identification number additionally.


This number certified clearly
GK 2000 is CE-checked.

The minimum 10-digit identification number enables you to control, whether the product is actually certified and therefore the sale is approved. You must request this number by the manufacturer.Beware of devices that do not bear the code number 0085.  They were examined somewhere in abroad. Make sure that these products are licensed for the German market. Possibly, the products are only for other countries examined, and only there admitted.In case of doubts and questions, please contact the DVGW Certification Body Bonn. HEIDEBRENNER also like to advise you.

Spare parts and equipment
Spare parts, such as individual burners or other components are not certified and do not bear CE Mark.

Custom Made
Devices, specifically designed for industrial processes in industrial enterprises shall have no CE mark.
For custom-made gas devices HEIDEBRENNER examine the possibility if CE-approved components can be used. CE tests can also be arranged by "notified companys". It is also possible on site.

Beware of excuses
The tests are expensive, requires much expertise and time. This is why rogue firms seek to evade the rules with tricks and excuses but without inspections. An indication of the global suppliers such as "All gas devices have the CE mark" does not protect you. Only the right ID number assures you. Ask before the sale of gas devices after the full product identification number.

It is your risk
Be careful if you do not get the product identification number. If you have gas devices without this number on the market, make sure that you are prosecution and you are liable for damages. Through bankruptcies domestic companys or legally insecure and unreachable foreign manufacturers, the trade take the risk to be sued. So just work with reliable and financially sound manufacturers.
Play it safe
If you sell equipment from HEIDEBRENNER, you have no such risks. You know, reliable business avoided stress and they do not impose a burden on the wallet.
Any questions?
Ask us. We are happy to help.