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ROBATA-Grill: Gas, Elektro oder Holzkohlen

aus der japanischen 炉 端 robata (Seite IRORI), aus 炉 ro (IRORI) + は た hata (Seite)


Holzkohlengrill mit Rost-Hebelift
mit Ø 700 mm Rad an der Grillseite



oder Gas-Lavagrill mit Etagere ROBATA

NEW: Elektric Wrap


















Electro Shabu-Shabu (Installation)






NEW: Small Electric stock pot with Ø 500 mm cooking plate / height: 200 mm


cast iron plate Ø 500 mm special cast investment casting
width x depth: 550 x 550 mm
height: 200 mm
heat load: 6 kW
nominal voltage: 400 V / 3 ~


Our devices for the WM 2010

Grill with 3 heating zones - each 9,3 kW

G/N container with warm holding funktion

storage space for gas bottles behind the sidewise doors

Splashguard + issue square

from now on: stainless steel top for cast iron pans

You need a pan to hold something warm or because of hygienic reasons a closed variation of a cast iron pan:

From now on we have stainless steel tops for our cast iron pans!

By request we screw on tightly the tops to the handle of our 600mm and 850mm pans. On this way they are easy to open.

Please request the variation you need!




New: Induction-Multi-Roaster

800 x 700 x 850mm
cooking surface: 610 x 570 x 150mm deep
2 heating zones x 3,5kW or 5kW






New: Multifunction with Lava-Gas-Grills

You have the possibility to change the caps. In this way our Lava-Gas-Grills are multifunctional in use.

V-Gridirons for the classic barbecueing of meat, round gridirons for e.g. fish preparation - Multiroaster or Griddles with smooth or fluted surface:

View V-Roste
View Roaster & Griddles
View Griddles smooth & fluted
View round gridirons
Lava-Grill with Roaster & Griddle















New - Line 650


From now on you also get all Induktion- / Gas- and Electrodevices as table-devices 650mm deep.

Optional also with substructure.







Innovation - induction handshake boiler

The professional with sensitivity, creativity and culture is and remains the key figure for all the culinary delights of this world. The induction technique helps him to realise his inspirations efficiently. The accuracy and precision of modern heating with induction supports a rational planning.

The induction is not without reason the technology of the future:

- 80 % Energy saving!
- 80 % Time saving

To heat smaller and larger quantities of food and liquids is hardly faster and more economically than with induction stoves. To preheat the warm retaining fields is no longer necessary. There are no unnecessary heating of the room by blasting of the hot body, steel plates or gas. The efficiency is higher than any other stoves.

The cooker get heated indirectly only by the light emitted because when cooking with induction stoves, the heat is produce directly in the pot soil. This heat dissipation is not sufficient to scorch food. The stove can be easily cleaned.

Nothing burns on!

the first stainless steel handshake boiler for induction devices from HEIDEBRENNER

Now we can offer these advantages to the bakery industry:

the first induction handshake boiler

in combination with a suitable induction stove.

That is opening up a whole new way in the baking industry and is already used with great success.

Suitable for hand boiler, we offer our customers a powerful induction stove with 3,5 or 5 per kW of each cooking plate.

The capabilities with 1-6 hobs are virtually unlimited. Flat ceramic stoves and ceramic Cuvettes can be individually combined. Due to its compact design, the devices are safe and really practical.

Table tops, mounted devices or mobile devices with cabinet space are flexible to use.

Built-in appliances fit in your premises.

The curves and smooth surfaces of the burners enable the best and effortless cleaning of the stove.

The stepless regulation of the temperature allows efficient heating.

Electric temperature control provides security and protects against overheating.

Gladly we inform our customers personally at length on the use and benefits of the induction technique.

Our staff is always happy to help.