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fitted modules

Fitted devices offer you efficiency, flexibility and cause you profit in any way. There is an unstoppable trend to be in the front and near your guests.  Diverse operation- and offer concepts prefer the fitted units today.

Different models – Griddle plates/ Grills / Multi Roaster / Warm holding systems/ Hobs for woks or pots with flat ground - heated with induction / gas or electro gives you a big room for manoeuvre in you planning. From fitting in in a wood working surface to welding in a kitchen block - everything is possible.

The modul concept covers all your desires, whitch you could have to a Big-Wok-Stove. No matter how you decide - in connection to the number of the cooking zones / the way of controlling, the modular system gives you the optimal assumption. You can decide between different efficiency types, which are able to be combined. The modular fitting concept fits in every design and convinces with its unattainable efficient montage technique.