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With the induction griddles we offer you a completely new technology. The heat reacts so nimble that when meat hang up just little cooling occurs. The result: a unique quality of barbecued food, no loosing juice, less weight loss.

There are other advantages such as rapid heating, less energy, even heat distribution and precise temperature control which are deployed. Two basic models with different performance strengths and dimensions are available.


Induсtion Teppan Yaki 1400 with storage




















Roast with temperature control in real time

HEIDEBRENNER Bratplatte - für perfekte Bratqualität

Thanks to an unprecedented efficiency and temperature stability over the entire roast-plane are the advantages for the users significantly increased. The roasttemperature is  on the complete surface of the griddles. This immediately reacts to the smallest changes in temperature. The temperature is constant throughout the cooking process. That is realy important when 300 guests wait for their steak at the restaurant.

You have simply to set the desired temperature for the process and the rest makes the device itself! This patented technology enables to hold the temperature deviation less than 0.5 ° C. This represents a quantum leap in the field of roast-technology.


The success of the new technology with the low heat dissipation and useing of precise energy efficiency supports sustainable. There is an energy-saving from 50 to 60% possible, apart from the new comfortable and ergonomic feel.

Wireless Control without sensors in the items being cooked

Revolutionary induction technology delivers a first: cable-free temperature measurement close to items being cooked. With realtime (no delay) electronic control of the set frying temperature, items are maintained at exactly the specified heat.