Building of induction hob

When cooking with induction stoves, the heat is produce directly in the pot soil!

On the schema you can see the way how induction is working. From the bottom to the top: generator / inverter, magnetic field, coil, ceramic cooking surface, induction capable pan.

Pans with good ferromagnetic properties are required.

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Wok Station

Induction wok stations contain 1, 2 or 4 Induction Woks with either 8 each, 16 or 24 kW.
Also can warm-hold-fields with 2 kW per heater integrate. The recessed cover plate is covered with water supply for more hygiene equipment. Curves and smooth surfaces allow for optimum ease of cleaning.
Cooking will be done with the wok pan, which have to be inserted into the Cerancuvette Ø 400 mm. The stepless regulation allows efficient cooking in high culture.