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Kitchenblock Induction with exhaust duct






Kitchen block Induction







Induction-kitchen block with cooling drawer

2 x Induction Cuvettes Ø 400 mm
heat load: 8 or 16 kW

2 x Induktion flat 320 x 320 mm
Heat load: 3,5 or 5 KW

cooling drawer + shelfs for GN container

incl. washbasin and water washing


Induction-Kitchen block...
...and Kitchen block with warming bridge
Induction kitchen block in H2-version
Gas kitchen block in standard version

Induction-Ranger with combi steam oven and exhaust duct

Induction-Ranger with 3 cooking zones,
combi steam oven
und induction exhaust duct.

Processing of higher value - stainless steel varnished

Kitchen block Induction-Gas

Double induction field
Gas cooking hob with 4x5,8 kW Gasburner
Gas glowing plate
Shelf with sockets

Kitchen block Induction

Kitchen block incl.:

Induction stove 4x3,5 kW
Induction wok 5 kW
Electric grill smooth/ruffled
Shelf with sockets

High value processing - stainless steel - varnished

Kitchen block



Kitchenblock Induktion-Elektro-Gas


1 x Induction-cooking hob with 4 cooking zones

1 x elektric stove with 2 heating zones

1 x Lava-Gas-Grill 

1 x elektric heating cabinet

Kitchen block gas/induction







Induction-kitchen block With combi steamer