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Induction Tantuni mobile




Induction Tantuni Kombi Wokstation

Induction wrapmaker

Mobile Station Free Flow




Mobile gas Teppan-Yaki

entire cooking surface z.B.: 1100 x 600 mm
heat load: 11,4 kW
2 heating zones with each 5,7 kW

including Cabinet and 2 storage space for gas bottles
with protection against fat splash and shelf surface



Mobile grill with hob

1x Lavastone gas grill
heat load: 9,3 kW

1x gas hob heat load: 3,5 / 5,8 kW or 9,3 kW

mobile execution 3 sides closed
with folding doors and integrated gas supply system in substructure
Lateral filing tables can be folded



Gas-Grill cast ironed gridiron
410x410mm grill surface


closed variant
with basket for a gas canister


Free Flow

Free Flow Induction









Ranger - Induction

Ranger Induction







Free Flow Induction







Induction stove with oven

Induction stove with oven - mobile







Gas stove with grill mobile

Induction Wok - Station with a Teppan Yaki








mobile issueing station

Konfiguration z.B.:

Induction Wok

Cerancuvette Ø 300 mm
Heat load: 3,5kW / 5,0 kW or 8,0 kW

500mm casted iron pan with top


Splatter guard / dish issueing











Induction combined stove

Configuration for example:

Induktion griddles
entire cooking surface: 611 x 570mm
heat load: 2 x 3,5 kW or 2 x 5,0 kW

2x Induktion Wok
Cerancuvette Ø 300 mm
heat load: 3,5kW / 5,0 kW or 8,0 kW

inclusive 2x Bainmarie after 1/1 Gastro-standard and workbenches

Free flow

width x depth: 2000 x 700 mm
height: 850 mm

3 sides closed

for inclusion of 3 tabletops with the
dimensions: 410 x 410 x 200 mm

right and left each side 2x 1/6 GN-container
storage room in the substructure for GN container + gas bottle
with protection against fat splash

Free flow

1x Induktion Wok cerancuvette Ø 300 mm
heat load: 3,5 / 5,0 kW or 8,0 kW

2x Induktion stoves
width x depth: 360 x 360 mm
heat load: 3,5 or 5 kW

with protection against fat splash and hood