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Stainless steel and steel (ST/EST)

The absolute eyecatcher - the Heidebrenner giant frying pan made of special steel with a diameter of up to 2000 mm!

Our Woks are especially used for the gentle and energy-saving cooking. They are also used in the Asian and the innovative "new young kitchen". In addition, we manufacture roaster and boilers in various shapes and sizes, as well as special designs.

Gas – Electro – Ceran –Induction

(Please note the specific identification)
Not all stainless steel appliances work on induction stoves. It needs a (magnetic) iron core in the interior of the bottom. The energy is transferred through a magnetic field and convert in the appropriate materials into heat.

Art.No. E8339

Stainless steel pan Type EST

Ø 85 cm
depth: 11 cm
weight: 57 kg
volume: 52 litre

stainless steel
with 2 handles

Art.No. 8320

casted pan Type ST

Ø 120 cm
depth: 14 cm
weight: 200 kg
volume: 150 litre

with 4 handles

Art.No. 8310

casted pan Type ST

Ø 160 cm
depth: 12 cm
weight: 350 kg
volume: 200 litre

with 6 handles

Art.No. 8390

casted pan Type ST

Ø 200 cm
depth: 17 cm
weight: 480 kg
volume: 500 litre

with 9 handles