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Big wok stove

Big wok stove incl. water bath
with water bath

Big wok stoves with solid cover plates from HEIDEBRENNER are extremely stable, practical and economical. The case is completely made of stainless steel, including the amplification profiles under the cover plate. So you avoid damage of rust. Large shelve plates and work surfaces between the burners facilitate the work. Practical standard drawers under the covers and burners absorb the dripping liquids. The smooth surfaces are easily cleaned.

Of course there are special designs possible:
other burner,
frame separation,
Execution for pedestal installation,
rear with edging...

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Wok station in special edition: 4 x 20 kW for big woks and 2 x 14 kW

Example of a big wok stove (purpose-built):

  • 7 heatig zones with mammillaryform (wart) burner each 14 kW to heat woks
  • 2 heating zones with standard burner each 5,8 kW for Pots with smooth bottom
  • 2 Sinks with taps
  • water supply with foot operation
  • recessed cover plate for more hygiene
  • separable upper and lower part for a easy transportation