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Stainless steel - Kondi Gas Stoves

HEIDEBRENNER Kondi gas stoves are used successfully in almost every bakery, confectionery and confectionery since years. No matter how big your repertoire is, with HEIDEBRENNER you are always on the right side. For example you can cook with our devices creams and jams, warm up glazes, blanch fruits or melt sugar!

Infinitely adjustable fine "instant" heat combined with high performance of the burner and the highest safety standards are THE characteristics of the gas stoves of HEIDEBRENNER. Our sophisticated range of special equipment offers you as our customer any possibilities!

Stainless steel gas stoves of HEIDEBRENNER are every day in thousands of bakeries and patisseries used hard.

Our motto: economical, rugged and durable - Quality is our Conviction!

  • versatile
    For each area - for heating, cooking, blanching, melting or even holding warm. Baking pancakes and waffles - With HEIDEBRENNER are these things no problem!

  • individual
    With complete equipment - easily exchangeable.

  • economical
    Even in periods of weak sales - or even as "emergency" in electric kitchens in case of power failure. Gas is an economical and environmentally friendly energy!

  • mobile
    Mounted devices with 1-4 heating zones can be equipped with trolley. Four castors, two of them can be fixed, making the stove mobile.

  • flexible
    The mobile stoves with 1-4 heating zones can also be upgraded with an integrated gas supply system for holding 11 kg liquid gas cylinders, complete with liquid gas hose (300 mm) and pressure regulator. So you are totally independent of public gas supply.

  • practical
    The piezoelectric igniter, smooth and fine adjustment makes the devices more comfortable. Flat stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned easily and quickly. The removable kitchen niche (made of chrome-nickel steel), you can put into the dishwasher, done. The devices are compact and thus space saving.

  • secure
    High security by thermoelectric protection of the igniter of all burners. Each device is tuned and checked in the company.