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Gas Ranges

Ranges are spaciously designed gas stoves with a large cover plate and removable kitchen niche with a large shelf plate on the cover plate. For hardest duration-use in a sturdy construction for highest requests. In short: For the highest requirements.

Ranges of HEIDEBRENNER - an optimum level of outstanding features.

  • large shelf plates
    The Ranges are generously designed with large shelf plates on the cover plate. 220 mm wide shelf plate allows to serve meals directly on the cover plate. In addition, on the intermediate floor you have more place.
  • no scorch anymore
    HEIDEBRENNER used kitchen niches made of nickel chromium steel, which are open at the bottom. Down dripping liquids disappears down into the dirt drawer. There are no large rear heat radiation, so that nothing could scorch. Our tip: Some water and a splash of detergent into the dirt drawers - and everything dissolves from itself.
  • easy cleaning
    The case is complete made of high quality chrome-nickel steel. The large surfaces can be cleaned very easy. The removable kitchen niche and dirt drawers you can put into the dishwasher- done!
  • Also special designs
    On request the ranges are of course available in other dimensions, with one side attached fittings, and with different performance. If there are difficulties with the transport, it is possible to seperate the frame. Obviously, we adjust the type of gas on your desire. - natural gas or liquid gas. So you have again the opportunity to work with YOUR individual device!


No limits of possibilities for using our devices...

Comprehensive equipment for multi-function makes the ranges so versatile. With the same device you have the opportunity to cook, to stew, to fry, to cook in woks, to hold something warm and to bake crépes or waffles.
With us you have the opportunity to get your own individual HEIDEBRENNER!