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Barbecueing brings profit

To barbecue - possible before the eyes of the guests - brings pleasure and makes hungry. Classics on the grid, in addition to all the popular sausage are meat of pork, beef, lamb, and increasingly also fish.But vegetarian delicacies from the grill, such as vegetables or even fruit, get more and more fans.

If you want barbecue delicious, you are exactly right with gas grills from HEIDEBRENNER.The "secret" of our barbecue's success are the heavy casted grills that store the heat and makes an interesting pattern on the barbecued food.


Through the intelligent installation of the baffles no grease can drip on the burner. That ensure that no harmful substances to health can arise.

Grill surface's rims
A 100 mm high grill surface rim makes it easier to work with the device. The barbecued food can not fall down.

Get mobile!
With a trolley, you are fully mobile and independent of public gas supply system.
Upon request, with a shelf plate, radiation protection and integrated gas supply system.