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The Teppan-Yaki kitchen (Teppan Yaki = the heated table) was originally developed at the beginning of the 18th Century by Japanese immigrants in the United States of America as a kind of fighting their homesickness.

As the Japanese in the new world had arrived, it quickly became clear that they have a completely different diet and kitchen then they finde in the new world. And so came to homesickness and the longing for well-known specialties. They begin by preparing the in the new homeland available ingredients on a metal or steel plate.

Over the years, perfected this type of preparation and was even popular in Japan and known. Today this kind of cooking in restaurants is one of the great culinary experiences for the guest. He can watch the preparation of tasty dishes.


Round or Oval: Ø 850 - 2000 mm

height: 850mm

optional 1-4 heating zones, each 9,3 kW

Steel plate: 35 mm thickness
fat drain ditch and fat drain valve
optional: corpus opened/closed