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The "small" feature

Freshly scented waffles - who is not pleased???Besides well-known recipes we deliver "strictly guarded'secret recipes, so you can start immediately!

From one baking process you get two large, rectangular wafers. Stay creative and imaginative! Belay the waffles for your customers as they prefer: sometimes sweet, sometimes savory!

Mounted devices or mobile devices with integrated gas supply system please inquire.

Art.No. 8139

Waffle gas toaster "Quadra" Type KSB 01

width x depth: 410 x 410 mm
height: 200 mm
total height snapped shut: 380 mm
total height with handle: 820 mm

heat load: 5,8 kW
1 slotted burner x 5,8 kW

with thermoelectric protection of the igniter
piezoelectric igniter
for 2 waffles 155 x 85 mm