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Gas Wok stoves

Meals shall ensure freshness and good taste to the the pleasure of the guests. Wok stoves of HEIDEBRENNER ensure highest performance due to the gas burners concentrated  flame picture. All foods are cooked with strong hotness only a short time. You can taste the success: Everything is al dente with vitamins, nutrients, and the colours of the foods remain preserved.
With wok stoves you can prepare also a lot of European foods tasty.

In many kitchens, it is tight or difficult to get the devices into the kitchen. Then the compact gas woks stoves made of stainless steel, with stove top of HEIDEBRENNER are exactly the right thing.

Our arguments - your benefits

Compact, space-saving design, easy transport. Single, removable stove tops. Practical shelves for the storage of stocks and cookware.

3 different burner services are available:
- mammillaryform (wart) burner with 8,7 kW;
- rotary sloted burner with 9,3 kW;
- On request: with lower power requirements, also with a slotted burner with 5,8 kW.
Infinitely fine adjustable (20 -100 % of the performance).

with 1, 2 and 3 heating zones one sided, 4 and 6 heating zones double sided
(upon request: single / double sided, without any extra cost).
position of the shelf plate freely selectable.

multi function
Comprehensive equipment equipment for multi-function makes the stoves so versatile.

all mounted devices with 1-4 heating zones can be equipped with the trolleys. Four castors, two of them with brakes, making the stove mobile. It could not be more easy.