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Stainless-steel high-performance gas stoves

Through more than 70 years of experience, the company HEIDEBRENNER specializes in the development and manufacture of gas devices. And you know: Specialists render more! Whether industry professionals or end-users, the high quality and competence can be no doubt in our devices.

HEIDEBRENNER produce mature, very special stainless steel gas stoves. An exceptionally large selection with the following characteristics is available to you:

  • 1 - 6 heating zones with comfortable piezoelectric igniter.

  • Easy to clean with removable kitchen niche and dirt drawer -     
    Simply put in the dishwasher - done!

  • Performance levels - 3,5; 5,8 and 9,3 kW. The burner arrangement can be varied.
  • multifunctional - Cooking, stewing, frying, steaming, hold warm, short-term cooking in woks, even for pancakes and waffles, and much more. Magic? No way- the "secret" are the many caps for variety uses. HEIDEBRENNER-devices are also versatile!

  • Mobile - all mounted devices with 1-4 heating zones can be equipped with the trolleys. Four castors, two of them identifiable, making the stove mobile.

  • Independent - The mobile stoves can also be upgraded with an integrated gas supply system for holding 11 kg liquid gas bottles, complete with liquid gas hose and pressure regulator. So you are totally independent of public gas supply. Existing mounted devices can be easily retrofitted.

The extensive range of equipment and gas stoves from HEIDEBRENNER offers to you unprecedented possibilities. Nobody else has such a sophisticated and flexible device and equipment system that offers you a multitude of opportunities.