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7 m diameter steel pan in Berlin







With the aid of all of our capabilities and resources we finally made it: the creation and construction of the 7 meter paella pan is completed!



On 1. June 2013 Fairy and Germanys most known starred chef de cuisin invited to a big spanish Fiesta at the heart of Berlin. In the Sony Center at the Potsdam Square Ralf Zacherl, Mario Kotaska and Martin Baudrexel were cooking the greatest Paelle of Germany in a 7 meter large steel pan.





Induction, Gas, Electro and much more

The company HEIDEBRENNER already has 70 years experience in the field of manufacturing, planning and realization of projects in the field of devices and equipment of restaurant/ kitchen-complexes with suitable equipment.

Our product range includes wide ranges of different devices including kitchens accessories:
- more than 100 induction stoves;
- induction griddles;
- over 400 gas devices;
- numerous gas burners;
- electric stoves;
- large cast iron pans
and much more.

About the great practical experience in the field of developing, designing, and manufacturing, the company HEIDEBRENNER offers its customers professional variants and complex solutions and everything completely according to customer requirements in special design.

NEW - Lava-Grill with multifunctional caps

By slight tilt of the special grill grate of V profiles, the drain fluid flows without puff in an easily removable catch pan.  A small part drips on the hot lava stones. Slight smoke gives the barbecued food the typical, unique taste like cooked on charcoal.


Multifunctional Lava-Grill
round gridirons
roaster smooth + fluted
Multi-Roaster + roaster fluted