Building of induction hob

When cooking with induction stoves, the heat is produce directly in the pot soil!

On the schema you can see the way how induction is working. From the bottom to the top: generator / inverter, magnetic field, coil, ceramic cooking surface, induction capable pan.

Pans with good ferromagnetic properties are required.

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NEW - Inductions Teppan Yaki - NEW

Teppan Yaki 1400 with storage

Roasting with temperature regulation in real time

Unprecedented energy efficiency and uniform, constant temperature across the entire griddle surface deliver remarkable user benefits. Frying temperature is measured across the full extent of the induction griddle plate and reaches already after 3-4 minutes.
Immediately it reacts down to the smallest temperature changes. The constant temperature is holded over the whole roasting time.

You just have to adjust the height of the temperature you need and the device does the rest on its own!
The patented technologie makes it possible to hold temperature deviations under 0,5°C. This seems to be a quantum leap.

The success of this new technology supports economic efficiency by having less heat dissipation and punctual energy effort. Because of this, there is a saving of energy from 50 up to 60 %.

Induction Devices

Our induction cookers with power ratings up to 16 kW are unique  world-wide. Like no other technology, the HEIDEBRENNER induction cookers take care of the environment.

induction wok station, 2x16kw, 2x8kw + 2x warm retaining container

Your advantages:

  • Energy transfer takes place only by attached cookware
  • Heat is generated in the bottom of the dish and transferred immediately into the food. So you get no "Besides heat"
  • High parboil-efficiency and cheaper energy consumption for finish cooking reduced the total energy consumption
  • Indirect heating of the ceramic prevents the risk of burns
  • and the burning of Cookware
  • Shutdown of the hob with empty dishes oder enpty cooking dishes
  • Processor controlled, finely control the energy intake
  • All burners can be operated independently