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Pans, woks, roaster, kettle ...

mobile - 2000 mm casted pan, 6 divided with 6 integrated gasburnner, automatically rotated by an electric propulsion











Cast iron (GG)

Our large pans, up to a diameter of 850 mm and a height of up to 140 mm are made of a special cast iron.
The application possibilities are extremely varied and are suitable for fast food restaurants, event catering, butchers, party service, and and and ....

The ostensible benefits of casted pans are:

  • high heat storage: Once cooked, the pan stays hot long. Even when you serve on table.
  • Cast iron pans are ideal to sear meat or vegetables. No other material can roast so crusty!
  • better thermal conductivity and uniform heat distribution (bottom/ walls): Gentle and completely uniform effect.
  • extremely energy-saving: The barbecued food even can be fried with a low heat and low energy consumption.
  • If you use your pan a lot, the surface get darker. And that has a positive effect on the quality of the barbecued food.

GG-suitability:Gas – Electro – Ceran –Induction

Enamelled cast iron (GGE)

Enamel pans often look as if they came straight from grandma's kitchen and are therefore usually very decorative and "socially acceptable". They are ideal for cooking dishes with a long cooking time, because in the enamelled pans hardly anything can scorch. Because they need a long time to get really hot, they are not suitable for short sear. However, enamelled pans are shock sensitive and can easily splintered by reckless treatment.

Gas – Electro – Ceran –Induction

Stainless steel and steel (ST/EST)

The absolute eyecatcher - the Heidebrenner giant frying pan made of special steel with a diameter of up to 2000 mm!

Our Woks are especially used for the gentle and energy-saving cooking. They are also used in the Asian and the innovative "new young kitchen". In addition, we manufacture roaster and boilers in various shapes and sizes, as well as special designs.

Gas – Electro – Ceran –Induction
(Please note the specific identification)
Not all stainless steel appliances work on induction stoves. It needs a (magnetic) iron core in the interior of the bottom. The energy is transferred through a magnetic field and convert in the appropriate materials into heat.

Cast aluminum (AL)

Pans, Woks, roaster pans, and aluminum have a matte surface with a special ceramic-4-fold greater anti-stick coating and are ideal for the preparation of crispy fish or meat.

There is also at high temperature no warping because the pans have a solid thermo ground of 8-10 mm thickness.They have an extremely good thermal conductivity. That save time and energy.

Al-suitability:Gas – Electro – Ceran –Induction
(Please note the specific identification)
With an additional titanium non-stick sealing is no possibility of burning of solid food (also without fat) and a simple cleaning is given.

Copper (CU)

Copper pans and boilers are in their reddish tint to recognize. The people who use in there kitchen copper reveal a certain "feeling of life, style and individualism."
Gourment chefs and cooks who enjoy the taste with the aesthetic appearance of the combine, use this material and swear to it. For this copper makes no metallic taste, these pans are mostly coated inside with stainless steel or with non-stick-coating. These pans are especially suitable for professionals, because they heat up quickly, distribute heat evenly and equally cool down quickly.

Gas – Electro – Ceran

XXXL Pan - 8 m diameter